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Sustainable portfolio ‘withdrawal rates’ for charities

We consider how charity trustees can arrive at a sustainable spending or withdrawals policy for their endowment.

Investment comment - July 2022

Investment comment – July 2022

Geopolitical tensions remained high and inflationary forces intensified during the second quarter. What are the implications for investors?

Defining our approach to net zero

Defining our approach to net zero

Defining Newton's approach to driving down carbon emissions.

Fixed-income solutions for a challenging market backdrop

Fixed-income solutions for a challenging investment backdrop

Using fixed income to help navigate a rising interest-rate environment.

Investment comment - April 2022

Investment comment – April 2022

Investors face heightened uncertainty from rising inflation, tighter monetary policy and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Investment comment January 2022

Investment comment – January 2022

Markets contemplate whether policymakers can engineer a ‘soft landing’ to ease inflationary pressures without stifling the rebounding economy.

Investment comment - Oct 2021

Investment comment – October 2021

Inflationary pressures and China-related concerns dented an improving picture during the third quarter.


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