Our short videos will help you keep abreast of topical issues for charities

With the pandemic affecting charities in various ways, a growing number of topics are coming to the forefront, particularly about the economic outlook, income, and the sustainability of investments. We will help keep you informed through a series of short videos.

Video series covering topical areas for charities

Session 1:

The economic challenge for charities

The economic challenge is without precedent in peacetime history. We discuss the current outlook and the future of income from charity portfolios.

Simon Nichols, portfolio manager, equity opportunities team
Brendan Mulhern, global strategist, Real Return team
Hilary Meades, portfolio manager, multi-asset team

Session 2:

Supply-chain issues

The ‘social’ side of ESG, is rising rapidly up the agenda as a concern for charities’ with conflicts with the charities’ objectives, standards and values, and reputational risks front of mind. This leads us to talk about the hidden side of supply chains.

Alan Goodwin, head of charities
Bhavin Shah, portfolio manager, multi-asset team
Rebecca White, responsible investment analyst

Session 3:

The future of mining

We discuss the mining tug of war: the challenges the industry creates and its role in the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Rob Stewart, investment leader, multi-asset team
Lloyd McAllister, head of ESG research

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Alan Goodwin
Head of charities
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