About Us

Our values

Our values
Seven core principles guide our conduct at Newton and our relationships with our clients and other stakeholders. Key among them are our sense of purpose, and the trust and accountability that underpin everything we do.


At all levels of our organisation, we promote and foster a culture of accountability, in which employees are responsible for achieving the outcomes we commit to delivering for our clients.


We welcome different perspectives and seek to bring them together for the benefit of our clients.


We encourage idea generation and innovation to support our clients’ evolving requirements and adapt to changing market conditions.


Our employees think like owners, and are motivated to make personal contributions to help meet our clients’ investment objectives.


We encourage diversity of thought, and we are flexible in identifying new ways to meet challenges and achieve aspirations.


We have a clear and undistracted goal – to deliver our clients’ desired investment outcomes. We are highly active and engaged in seeking to achieve that goal, and in our wider role in society.


We act with honesty and integrity. We seek to build long and fruitful relationships with our clients by transparently doing what we say we will do.

Newton’s Corporate Responsibility Committee


We aim to make a positive impact via the way in which our business operates, by:


    • identifying environmental and social concerns arising from Newton’s activities, and developing strategies to address these
    • inspiring and supporting our colleagues across a range of volunteering activities.


    Our Employees


    A positive work environment is key to our success. We uphold a culture of diversity, and we support a network of affinity groups coordinated by our parent company, BNY Mellon, which is open to all employees. The network includes:


    • GENEDGE, which shares the knowledge capital, energy and range of talents within our diverse, multigenerational workforce to solve business challenges
    • HEART, which promotes awareness of the requirements of those with disabilities
    • IMPACT, which brings together people from multi-cultural backgrounds
    • PRISM, which promotes an open and supportive environment for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees
    • VETNET, which serves as a resource for the recruitment, retention, professional development and advancement of those in the military as they move to new careers and civilian life
    • WIN, which promotes a culture of leadership and sponsorship to recognize and support the professional development and advancement of women



    Sustainability is integral to our long-term growth. We place great emphasis upon strong internal management structures, governance systems and communications, and we uphold diversity as a positive influence within our culture.

    The integration of responsible investment (environmental, social and governance) criteria is a key element of our investment process, and we have actively voted our clients’ shares since 1978.

    We are committed to a variety of environmentally guided initiatives, including the Carbon Disclosure Project and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

    On climate change, our work has, for many years, included engaging with companies to understand the risks posed to the successful delivery of their business strategies, and to push for better disclosure on their management of carbon risks and opportunities.

    We welcome and support the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, not only as a means of gaining better transparency on climate-related risks to investments, but also as part of a wider movement to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

    We have recently published our 2018 TCFD Disclosure Report, which was commissioned by Hanneke Smits, our chief executive officer. It constitutes our first step in TCFD disclosure, and we are particularly pleased to have identified that our total ‘Scope 1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ emissions, which take into account the emissions from all our clients’ investments, are 26% below those of a multi-asset benchmark, and that 51% of our clients’ utility investments are in renewable energy.*

    Throughout 2019, we plan to undertake further work to enhance our disclosure, including more extensive climate-related scenario analysis to assist in identifying climate-related investment risks and opportunities. We will also continue to participate actively in industry-wide initiatives to advance investor thinking about climate change. We will issue an updated version of our Disclosure Report during 2019.
    TCFD Disclosure Report

    2018 TCFD Disclosure Report

    How we consider climate-related risks and opportunities with regard to our business and our clients’ investments.


    Newton responds to the requirements of communities by supporting organizations and activities that advance the quality of life where our employees work and live.

    Employees are entitled to three paid days of volunteering every year. We also have a matching policy for individual donations, volunteering and fundraising. Our voluntary ‘salary sacrifice’ scheme is an initiative which facilitate charitable donations.

    Our ‘Get Involved‘ group supports a variety of fundraising projects, and encourages employees to participate in fundraising and volunteer activities for a range of causes.

    Code of Conduct


    We, as part of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, adhere to the BNY Mellon Code of Conduct. This provides a practical set of principles that guide all our business decisions. Key areas of the Code are:


      • Respecting others
      • Avoiding conflicts
      • Conducting business
      • Working with governments
      • Protecting assets
      • Supporting our communities

      * As at 12.31.17