At Newton, Purpose Is Everything

Responsible Investment

As purposeful and active owners, guided by our clients’ objectives, we see it as our responsibility to fully understand each asset we invest in. The assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations is an important part of our investment philosophy.
Responsible investment

Therefore, where appropriate and as applicable, in addition to financial measures we evaluate factors such as environmental impacts, social standards, and the effectiveness of people in charge of an issuer. We believe this approach allows us to better manage risk and make more informed investment decisions.

Our Investment Process

Thematic investment
Our ‘purposeful ownership’ approach entails understanding the mosaic (the full picture) of each investment prospect we assess, taking the widest perspective possible on the investment landscape, and being accountable for the decisions we make.

We achieve perspective through the breadth of our analysis, leveraging, where appropriate and as applicable, our expertise spanning fundamental, thematic, ESG, quantitative, geopolitical, investigative and private-market research to promote better-informed investment decisions.

Our investment themes provide valuable inputs which help us to achieve long-term perspective and navigate a world in flux. They alert the members of our investment team to the new opportunities that change creates, and help identify the emerging risks that will impair the value of investments.