Defining our approach to net zero

Defining Our Approach to Net Zero

How Newton is tackling carbon emissions.

The rise and rise of China

The Rise and Rise of China

As China’s economy and geopolitical influence continue to grow, what are the threats and opportunities for investors?

The new tech cold war: unearthing opportunities in a silicon-focused world

The New Tech Cold War: Unearthing Growth in a Silicon-Focused World

Navigating the US/China semiconductor rivalry to unearth long-term growth opportunities.

Evergreening Evergrande Calling Time

Evergreening Evergrande: Calling Time

We unpick the implications of the growing crisis in China’s real-estate sector for investors.

Investing in an era of unusual change

Investing in an Age of Unusual Change

We outline some areas of unusual change that are relevant for the investment landscape in emerging markets.


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