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We understand that the investments we make have far-reaching influence – not just on our clients’ financial prospects, but on the environmental and social factors which will shape those prospects (such as climate change, human rights in supply chains, and diversity and fairness across workforces). The interests of our clients and of society more widely are therefore mutually supportive, and the way in which we invest is shaped by this conviction. In seeking to honor it we act as active, engaged owners of financial assets in a manner that meets our responsibilities to our clients and society as a whole.

We aim to support positive change through voting and continuing engagement with companies and other issuers, and more broadly with the development of best practices, standards and regulations. There is a growing body of evidence that companies which run their businesses for the long term, balance the interests of all stakeholders, and actively manage their risks can produce more resilient returns for shareholders.

Our range of sustainable investment strategies builds on our long heritage of active stewardship and ESG-focused research.

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Sustainable Global Dynamic Bond Fixed income  
Sustainable Global Equity Income Global equity  
Sustainable Global Emerging Markets Emerging and Asia Pacific equity  
Sustainable Real Return Real Return