As investors, we hold our investee companies to high standards when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices, and we have seen first-hand how companies can reap the benefits of strong performance in this area.

We have increasingly turned this lens on ourselves and the asset management industry as a whole, which we know faces structural challenges on this topic. Our leadership and our employees are committed to improving our own diversity, equity and inclusion practices, as well as speaking up within our industry to push for better practices.

Heritage, history and mental health awareness

In acknowledgment of important calendar events, Newton employees share their moving and fascinating stories.

Diversity, equity and inclusion council

Our hiring practices

We are working hard to ensure that our hiring practices are as inclusive as possible. We know we can do better in this area, for example by improving the racial diversity of our workforce and closing our gender pay gap, and we are seeking to do so via a number of recruitment initiatives. Among these are requiring a diverse slate of candidates for consideration for all open roles, using blind CVs, and holding regular unconscious bias training for staff.

Among schemes in which we participate to increase the diversity of our workforce are:

Employee resource groups

We support a network of affinity groups coordinated by our parent company, BNY Mellon, which is open to all employees. The network includes:

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