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Life at Newton

Newton is a stimulating and rewarding place to work, which is reflected in the success we have had in retaining our investment personnel.


Rebecca White, Responsible Investment Analyst: I really enjoyed working at Newton and the people I was around. I think you get to know people at Newton; you feel like you know everyone when you wander around the office, which is really nice. You can go and get a cup of coffee and recognize other people that are there; you see their faces every day and you can talk to them.

Zamanur Shah, Applications Support Analyst: I was incredibly nervous at first, but what I found very quickly was that everyone in Newton is incredibly friendly. If I change my career path in the future I will always have this experience that I can fall back on.

Rorie Evans, Client Director: So as I was going through my resettlement I heard about the returning military program that BNY Mellon runs, and so applied to it and was fortunate enough to get a position on it. I’m studying for the CFA, which, I have to say, Newton have been very supportive with; they’re paying for me to do it and giving me some time off to do it as well which is great.

Meet the team

To hear more about how some of our team members have developed their careers at Newton, please watch the following videos.

Vocational Trainee Programme


Nancy Last: I was in the sixth form, and The Brokerage – who we work with closely to recruit all of our vocational trainees – they came in and they gave a presentation. I was determined I was going to university – I had all my offers in – but I knew I wanted to work as well. And so when they came in and they told me about the Vocational Trainee Programme, I straightaway – after getting all the information I needed – signed up to their email distribution list, and from there I just applied and then came to the selection day here.
Gloria Olarewaju: So for the Newton selection day, I was a bit nervous before coming in, but because everyone was really friendly and welcoming, my nerves went away straightaway. Everyone was really interested in getting to know me as a person and what I do outside of work, and made me feel part of a team. I did consider university, but once I found out about something like this I definitely wanted to do it, because it puts us at an advantage because we’ve got three and a half years’ experience.
Arthur Clayton: Newton is really helpful and they give you a lot of support, so when you join the Vocational Trainee Programme, you are assigned a mentor, so this can be someone that has actually been through the scheme themselves, so someone who is a lot further in their journey. They also give you time to study for exams, which I found really useful, and also I have weekly catch-ups with my manager so that allows me just to make sure I’m on track of all my goals and ask him if I’ve got any questions or queries.
Zamanur Shah: Given it was my first ever career focused-job, I was incredibly nervous at first, but what I found very quickly was that everyone in Newton is incredibly friendly and so the nervousness faded away very quick; also the added bonus of having a fully funded degree programme is a massive advantage to us, and so I think what you will find is Newton is an incredible place to start.
Hanneke Smits: Benefits of the programme are very clear for both sides, actually. For the trainees it offers them the opportunity to advance academically, and to also actually pursue the start of a career in finance, while not being burdened by having to pay college fees. For Newton, it gives us the opportunity to recruit from a highly motivated talent pool. For Newton, the real advantage is that not only can we recruit people that are motivated and hard-working, it also helps us to improve diversity in the firm by recruiting people from different backgrounds.

At Newton we support our local community by our commitment to the development of talented London state school leavers, and the need to ensure fair and equal access to financial careers in the City of London. The Newton Vocational Trainee Programme has been in place since 2012 and provides bright and determined A level students the opportunity to work at a global investment management firm whilst continuing in higher education.

As well as providing a challenging and rewarding career opportunity, Newton will fund a full business-related degree course at the European College of Business Management.

The benefits of our Programme are clear – trainees can begin building their career in the financial industry while still progressing academically and without the burden of college fees – and Newton can recruit competent young people that are motivated and hardworking, and whose age and educational backgrounds help to support diversity of thought in the firm.

Our current trainees, and graduates of the Programme, work in a wide variety of departments within Newton including those supporting the investment process and the relationship management of clients, in marketing and business development and in the operations and technology teams. Graduating trainees to date have attained at least a 2:1 BA Hons degree in Business Studies, with several achieving a First Class BA Hons degree, and are now progressing in their chosen career path within the firm.

If you are interested in learning more about our Programme please contact our recruitment partner The Brokerage at