The Geopolitics of Agriculture and Food

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Investment comment - July 2022

Investment Outlook – July 2022

Geopolitical tensions remained high and inflationary forces intensified during the second quarter. What are the implications for investors?


Real Return Team Viewpoint

As central banks attempt to curb inflation, are they hiking economies into recession?

All change: Facing up to a new market regime

All Change: Facing up to a New Market Regime

How our Real Return team seeks to find long-term growth opportunities amid prolonged market volatility and rising inflation.

Is your multi-asset strategy fit for the future?

Is Your Multi-Asset Strategy Fit for the Future?

CEO Euan Munro explains why key boundary conditions make it important to challenge the norms of multi-asset investing.

How Can Dynamic US Equity Navigate Rising Rates?

How Can Dynamic US Equity Navigate Rising Rates?

While the current environment poses challenges, we demonstrate that it may not be unambiguously negative for Dynamic Equity.

Newton's Systematic Approach to Predicting US Inflation and Interest Rates: An Update

Newton’s Systematic Approach to Predicting US Inflation and Interest Rates: An Update

What a difference a year makes.


Target Date Funds: The Power of the Consensus Glide Path

Our approach seeks an unbiased, consensus view to glide-path construction.

Defining our approach to net zero

Defining Our Approach to Net Zero

How Newton is tackling carbon emissions.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass: Cobwebs, Turkeys, and Our Views on Global Natural Resources

We believe in the attractiveness of the global natural resource sector and its place in a well-diversified portfolio.

Investment comment - April 2022

Investment Outlook – April 2022

Investors face heightened uncertainty from rising inflation, tighter monetary policy and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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