Our Approach to Stewardship

In 2021 we published our first responsible investment and stewardship annual report. It describes Newton Investment Management Ltd’s approach to stewardship, and provides examples of how it implements this approach through ESG integration, engagement and voting.

What’s in the Report?

Read our responsible investment and stewardship 2020 annual report to find out more about:

  • Our approach to stewardship
  • How we hold ourselves to account
  • How we help to shape policy and best practice
  • How we incorporate ESG considerations into our investment process
  • Our engagement and voting activity
US Responsible Investment and Stewardship Annual Report


Investing with purpose means that we invest and behave responsibly, and act as active, engaged owners of financial assets in a manner that meets our responsibilities to our clients and society as a whole.

For multiple decades, we have supported and advocated for investor stewardship, seeking deeper understanding of the management of material issues at companies, and encouraging change to improve outcomes. We have also been active participants in collaborative efforts that have sought to establish and develop the activities and codification of stewardship; this has all been in an effort to enhance the investment landscape for the long-term benefits of our clients.

We welcome the increased stewardship expectations of investors, which now require investment firms not only to state their policy positions on stewardship, but also to demonstrate and evidence how they implement these policies.