Covid-19 update

A selection of our latest insights and investment strategy updates related to the evolving coronavirus situation.

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How do we describe ourselves at Newton?

We’re global investors. We think globally. Every time we consider a security or look at an industry or country, it’s in the context of what’s happening across the world. Because we believe nothing occurs in isolation.

And we invest globally across asset classes because we see potential all over the investable universe.

What sets us apart is our collaboration, the way our single investment team is integrated.

Guided by our global investment themes, together the team researches and debates to identify opportunities and risks.

The themes are our interpretation of the forces driving long-term change in the world. They help us shut out the distraction of short-term ‘noise’.

At any given time, we may be looking at topics varying from artificial intelligence to crop protection, from driverless cars to Chinese debt.

We believe that responsible investing is integral to meeting the long-term goals of our clients. So when we look at any business, we consider many elements: not just its thematic attractions, but its fundamental qualities and environmental, social and governance risks. It’s a holistic investment approach.

And that’s why, when we look at themes, we bring together generalists and specialists from across the firm – all working under one roof, interacting and generating ideas, with a single focus – successful investment. It’s as much about avoiding the losers as picking the winners.

And as the world evolves, so do our themes. They’re not predictions; they’re a dynamic framework intended to help us navigate the investment landscape for our clients.

Your capital may be at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the original amount invested.