Invest with Purpose. Understand Climate Change as a Force of Change.

At a time of change such as we face now, we believe it is all the more important to invest with purpose. Investors need breadth and depth of insight to enable better investment decision-making.

Real and anticipated changes in the world’s climate are affecting government, corporate and consumer behaviours. How can we make sense of these changes in investment portfolios?

think investors are thinking too narrowly about climate change when it comes to portfolios*
Forces of change

A Climate of Unrest

Changes in the world’s climate are having vast impacts across a range of areas. But are we measuring the right components? What about the social implications of the transition to ‘net zero’? We consider the complexity of the energy transition, and we shine a particular light on agriculture, exploring its environmental fallout.

How to Manage Climate Change in a Portfolio?

Sustainable Global Equity

An actively managed global equity strategy investing for the long term in companies that demonstrate attractive investment attributes and sustainable business practices.