Defining our approach to net zero

Defining Our Approach to Net Zero

How Newton is tackling carbon emissions.

Nutrition and health: what are the investment implications?

Nutrition and Health: What Are the Investment Implications?

Why we believe nutrition and health should be key considerations for investors.

Sovereign sustainability

Assessing the Sustainability of Sovereign Bonds

Why we believe Newton Investment Management Ltd’s sovereign sustainability process is a key differentiator.

Amazon case study

Amazon: Are Worker-Related Issues at a Tipping Point?

With the online retailer’s working practices under scrutiny, we assess the facts and outline our engagement approach.

Stewardship, decarbonisation and the energy transition

Stewardship, Decarbonization and the Energy Transition

We explain the role stewardship plays in identifying companies positioned for success amid the energy transition.

Diversifying the protein portfolio

Diversifying the Protein Portfolio

We discuss our recent collaborative engagements on plant-based and alternative proteins.

Active ownership

Active Ownership – Does It Work?

In this article, we summarize the findings of the 2015 Active Ownership paper, which provides evidence for the…

Social investing

Active Engagement is Key to Driving Sustainable Investment Goals

Our second research study in partnership with Oxford Risk. Sustainable investment: matching strategies to investors' goals: Volume II

Social Investment: Matching Strategies to Investors' Goals

Social Investment: Matching Strategies

What new research reveals about engaging potential investors in social investment.